CE-game The Blue Connection

Spreker(s): Marloes van Elsen-Bergevoet en Michiel Steeman
Workshopronde: 3
Max. aantal deelnemers: 30

Let’s move from talking about the transition from linear to circular business models to experiencing the transition. Inchainge, ING and Windesheim have teamed up in developing The Blue Connection; a business simulation that helps companies and individuals gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of adopting circular strategies.

In The Blue Connection you and 3 team members act as the management team of a manufacturing company, that needs to make the turn from a linear tot a circular business model. You need to design and execute a strategy to achieve corporate goals related to the circular economy while generating healthy returns on your investment. In your roles (covering procurement, sales, operations and finance) you will have to make decisions about the circular strategy you want to pursue, the suppliers you source from, the quality and recyclability of the materials you buy, pricing points, the cost and process of reusing, recycling and repairing – in other words, just the sort of challenges that any real business is currently grappling with. You will experience a highly interactive and engaging session, in which you are constantly aligning your decisions and adjusting your strategy to create a circular ecosystem.

Curious to learn more? Check www.theblueconnection.org This session will be moderated by Marloes van Elsen-Bergevoet (ING) and Michiel Steeman (lector Supply Chain Finance, Windesheim).

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