7 oktober 2021 donderdag vanaf 10:00 Freiburg, Duitsland

23ste conferentie voor Europees economisch onderwijs van 7-9 oktober 2021

"Teaching economics to bridge divisions"

Thursday, October 7- Saturday, October 9, 2021
23rd European Economics Education Conference

People are not naturally equipped to understand economics intuitively. They may find it difficult to distinguish enlightenment from appealing fallacy. In the search for solutions to growing inequality and other social ills, this can lead to a cycle of deepening frustration and support for self-defeating public policies. Economics teachers today therefore have a special responsibility to bridge the gap between what weve learned through years of training and what our students bring to the classroom.

The conference will explore ways to give students the foundation they need to pursue their economic goals and act as responsible citizens.'

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